Meet our team 😀

Yuxin Gu

Game Designer/Producer

Yuxin made her switch to game design after 4-year academic life in Chemical Engineering. She is a game enthusiast and passionate about game design and producing. Driven by the passion in game design, she sets her goal in creating innovative design and enhancing guests’ experience in games.

Patrick Cheng

Senior Software Engineer

Patrick is a passionate and dedicated master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University with a solid and diverse background in the field of software engineering. His technical expertise extends in various domains, including game, XR and software development.

Yicheng Lu

Level Designer/Technical Game Designer

Yicheng is a game designer who specializes in level design, technical design, and overall game design. He is currently studying at ETC, where he has had the chance to develop his skills and expertise in game development. Yicheng has worked on several game development projects, and his experience has helped him build a strong foundation in game design and development.

Anna Salieva

Narrative Designer/2D Artist

Anna is a passionate and dedicated narrative designer and artist in her second year attending the Entertainment Technology Program, whose background includes UCI’s Computer Game Science program. Known for wearing many hats, Anna has contributed to narrative, art, UI/UX, sound and game design in past projects.

Tingyu (Polly) Yan

Level Designer/2D Artist

Tingyu (Polly) Yan is a game designer. With roots in industrial design, Polly gracefully transitions her UX know-how into the world of game design, particularly in level design. Her genuine passion for environmental storytelling shines through in every project, crafting games with immersive tales that resonate with players.


Scott Stevens


Scott Stevens has extensive experience in the areas of games, and augmented and virtual reality for education. He has been involved with multimedia research and development for over forty years.

Jonathan Walton


Jonathan is an award-winning indie game designer, a former China policy analyst, and a teacher and scholar focused on critical analysis of science, technology, and media.