What is Games for All

Games for All is a discovery project at Carnegie Mellon University – Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) that aims to create a more accessible game on the experience level that enables a sense of empowerment.

Project Background


Disabled players want to have the same fun and game experience as non-disabled players.

Current Barriers

There are some common mismatches between players’ ability and game control schemes.

Current Solutions

Explicit accessible features: Games offer accessibility options menu

Implicit accessible features: visual & audio feedback, menu navigation, game navigation, etc.

We are trying to address these mismatches

Movements control
complex control
physical fatigue
control sensitivity

By addressing these problems, we hope to benefit more players including situational, temporary disabled, and non-disabled players. 

Our Solution

 Embed accessibility in early design stage – 

Adaptive Difficulty

Personalize the challenge according to players’ capability.

Calibration => Adjust Challenge => Accessible

Intuitive Game Control

Auto-map controls according to players’ practice.

Tutorial => Auto Button Mapping => Accessible

If you’d like to contact us, please email us at

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