Dev Blogs

dev blog week 14
Summary Applied new textures to the platformer game;Updated the tutorial of the […]
dev blog week 13
Summary Implemented all movements into the isometric platformer;Updated the animation of the […]
dev blog week 12
Summary The team was taking a break from Thanksgiving but was able […]
dev blog week 11
Summary All team members were trying to implement the designs from last […]
dev blog week 10
Summary Finished the design document of the isometric platformer;Discussed and calculated the […]
weekly blog week 9
Summary Designed our second game from a user experience perspective;Made a list […]
week 8 blog
Summary Playtested and interviewed Jen and Mike, gained valuable insights about how […]
feature photo for 7th week
Summary (10/10 – 10/16) Presented the idea and the progress of our […]
feature photo for 6th week
Summary (10/3 – 10/9) Finished the MVP (minimum viable product) of the […]
feature photo for 5th week blog
Summary (9/26 – 10/2) Started working on our first FPS minigame;Settled down […]
feature photo for 4th week
Summary(9/19 – 9/26) Built the “golden spike” to test within the team;Did […]
feature photo for 3rd week
Summary (9/12 – 9/18) Met with SME Kate Gonzalez and Morgan Baker […]
feature photo for 2nd week
Summary (9/5 – 9/11) Set up production tools and made sure that […]
feature photo for 1st week blog
Summary(8/29 – 9/2) Met with instructor Heather and faculty pitch Drew to […]
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