We deliver you the real Amazon

Welcome to Hermes

Our Story

Hermes is a team of seven ETC students creating an immersive experience for Carnegie Mellon’s Askwith Kenner Global Languages & Cultures Room. We are adding to their collection of existing experiences that focus on language learning, cultural awareness, and the global presence of Carnegie Mellon University.

For our project, our team is creating a cooperative, asymmetric experience that centers around the Amazon River. This experience features educational gameplay elements through convergent technology.

Meet Our Team

Lena Du

Programmer, 2D Artist

Tanvi Ganu

Technical Artist

Yutao Huang

Designer, 3d Artist

Nolan O’Keefe

Co-Producer, Av Designer

Yiming Xiao


Mincan Yang


Shanshan Yuan

UX / UI Designer

Our Client

Stephan Caspar

Assistant Teaching Professor of Media Creation & Multi-Cultural Studies

“We want to invite people to this space to explore the technologies in this room and share stories, capture experiences, and reflect on the cultures, identities, and groups that connect Pittsburgh and CMU to the rest of the world.”

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