Week 12 – Massive Playtest and Ready for Soft

This week we have started playtesting in the Kenner room on a large scale. We had a total of 12 playtesters and they have provided us great feedback on our experience. They include students in the Kenner room (our primary target users), Tepper School students and a Subject Matter Expert that our faculty advisor introduced.

Although the feedback is generally good, we tried our best to address some of the usability issues we observed from playtests. At the current stage, it is more about how to smooth up the gaming experience instead of modifying the mechanics.

First, we introduced a tutorial video that explains how to interact with the immersive walls in depth. Because of the complexity of our game mechanism, we think it’s necessary to have a very visual depiction of how to work the experience.

Secondly, we made UIs for onboarding and ending in VR. It provides clearer instructions to players, and it amplifies our story well.

Lastly, we have put in sound effects for all interactions, which further amplify the feedback when player interacts with something.

A full play-through video with our playtester is here.