Week 12- Oh My Gourd

This week was Thanksgiving, which meant that everything was a little different on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Luckily, only two of us were traveling out of Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, and Nolan’s travel back to his hometown actually worked in our favor. We ended up each having at least one workday during the break, and are much closer to executing our original vision now. We are feeling ready for our soft opening next week!

Week 11: IAAPA!

This week, our team was in Orlando, FL for IAAPA! So in lieu of a blog post about our accomplishments, here are some photos from the week. Our whole team, as well as one other ETC student (María from Micro Bittle) and two undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering (Justin and Ella) attended the conference and expo. We were able to visit some Orlando attractions as well, which was a great educational experience for LBE students.