Week 15- The Finals Countdown

Welcome to our last blog post! The only events this week were our final presentation on Wednesday and striking the space throughout the week.

Here is a video of our final presentation! We added a bit more dramatic flair than any of us have with past presentations, but we believe it paid off.

Thank you very much for reading our blog! I (Kat speaking) took the approach with our blog to write the blog I want when researching past student projects. That meant a lot of detail, a lot of images, and of course, a TL;DR section at the bottom. The total word count of the blog is 18,282, and I greatly appreciate you reading any subset of that that is useful to you. As a note to future teams, to write this level of detail in a blog takes about 2 hours per post. I also found a wordpress carousel extension that helped make much nicer looking galleries.

If you have any questions for the team, feel free to reach out via our links on the Team page.

And that’s a wrap on Return of the Dragon, and on Little Big Engineers!