Dev Blog: Week 10

Current Schedule

  • Find sound tracks and implement in game
  • Work on tutorials
  • Work on in game UI
  • Prepare for ETC playtest day April 1st

Project Summary

This week we will prepare for the ETC playtest on April 1st. We will have a physical version of the tutorial ready by them. All the mechanisms of the game is complete digitally. We will continue to implement some sound and art assets this week.

What Went Well

The digital version of the game is mostly finished. We need to work on tutorials and implement assets. First version of the tutorial is complete

Issues For Support

One of the feedback we got from professor is that side-by-side 2-player format being a little unusual for a digital board game. We are still thinking what we can do about this.

Sound Update

Since we do not have a sound designer in the team, we are mainly finding no copy right sounds online. So far we found the sounds assets for the start page BGM and sound effects for throwing sticks.

Tutorial Update

We complete the first version of the tutorial and we will print a physical version of it for the ETC playtest day on April 1st.

Programming & Art Update

We have implements all the sound assets we have so far into the game.

We also implement a button so that every time player click it, the rules will show up. Then they can click anywhere for the rules hide. The photo of the rules will be updated later.

ETC Playtest Day

We had 18 people came to playtest our game during the ETC Playtest Day. We run the game 10 times and we got some valuable feedback from the playtest and will iterate the game next week.