Dev Blog: Week 11

Current Schedule

  • Updated some sound effects and implement in the game
  • Added highlight for the selected piece
  • Updated UI in the game
  • Updated the sticks animation and showings
  • Updated the path for the movement
  • Tournament

Project Summary

This week we had 6 teams(12 people) participated in the tournament. We will host the second round of the tournament next week. We got some valuable feedback and good advices.

Issues For Support

Need more VFX for the game, not enough time for better art texture or rendering. We also had some shadowing problem in the scene. Since there are only one artists in the team, there are a lot of work to do.

Sound Update

These are the list of the sound we found or recorded this week and are all implemented in the game.

  • Stick rolling sound
  • Stick throwing sound
  • Piece landing sound
  • Turning into owl sound
  • Scoring sound

Tutorial Update

The new plans for implementing the tutorials in the game is to have a slide. There will be a menu on the left and player can pick the tutorial to read. Also they can flip the pages of the tutorial. The tutorial will also in the main scene and they can click a button for the tutorial to show up or disappear.

Programming Update

We updated the sticks result graph, now the graph are consistent with the the result.

Updated rolling sticks

We also implement a highlight of the piece selected. So now it is easier to see which of the piece on blockade is selected.

The camera angel now can be controlled using “Q”, “E” or “<-“. “->”. In this case, the player can see the other side of the board with the rotated camera.

Rotating camera

Art Update

The UI of of scenes are updated.