Dev Blog: Week 13

Current Schedule

  • Soft
  • Alumni Soft
  • Project consultant and instructor do full playthrough of the game
  • Update UI elements

Project Summary

We had soft and alumni soft this week and we got a lot of feed back from them. We also had a full playthrough of the game with our project consultant and instructor. We updated the game based on the advices we got from the soft. We are trying to iterate another version of the tutorial for it to be more readable. We also updated other UI element both art and programming wise to make the game easier to understand for first time player.

Issues For Support


Programming Update

The start page is updated with hoover effects of the button.

The buttons have a brush hoover effect when move is over the button

Art Update

The end scene UI of the game is updated, it changes the background image based on whether the player with white pieces win or green pieces wins.

Tutorial Update

Based on the feedbacks we got, we shortened the tutorial on each page. We now have several pages within each categories for a better view. We also updated and highlighted some important information in the tutorial page so that player can understand the rules quicker.

Playtest Update

This week we went to a event hosted by Pittsburgh Board Game Group. We got reviews and feedback from different age groups, which gives us a better understanding of how to improve the gameplay and UI.