Dev Blog: Week 14

Current Schedule

  • Prepare for final presentation
  • Update art assets
  • Update UI
  • Start translation

Project Summary

This week we work on the final presentation. We worked on a lot of the updating the art assets, adjusting camera and UI to refine the game. We also started to translate the tutorials and buttons from English to Chinese.

Issues For Support


Programming Update

We implement a loading scene which will randomly show one of the hints in the tutorial.

Hints in the loading scene

We also added a “Quit” button for the player to quit the game and return to the start scene.

Quit Button

Art Update

We researched on the rule of Go and found out that dark pieces in Go goes first. And since Go might originate from Liubo, we think that Go may inherit this from Liubo. So we decided to switch the order of the dark piece and white piece so that dark piece goes first. We also updated the material of the pieces so now the pattern looks more clear.

Updated Pieces Details

The lines indicating spots that player can land on also been updated and now looks more readable.

Updated Lines