Dev Blog: Week 3

Current Schedule

  • Release our game at the end of the Semester, but not sure what platform ( need to apply for license)
  • Sign up for playtest night Tuesday Feb 7
  • 1/4 is Friday Feb 3
  • Lochlan, Jeffery and Yicheng each iterate a version
  • Start to combine different versions

Project Summary

Each of the physical prototype have a iteration and the goal for this week and next week is to combine the prototypes.

What Went Well

  • Logo and poster design draft are complete
  • Improvements on first version of prototypes are made
  • First prototype of the combined version is made

Issues For Support

  • Need to play test
  • Problems need to solve for the game
    • Whether normal piece can go in Circle
    • Whether owl can turn around in the middle square
    • Whether normal piece can pass by middle square to get fish or only land
    • Whether combination of sticks make any difference

Prototype Update

Basic elements of the game
  • 2 player, each 6 pieces
  • Catch fish in the middle
  • Sticks
    • 6 sticks for rolling to get number
    • Other sticks to count score
  • Board with circle in the middle
  • Owl go to circle, drop off fish at the corner
Colored lines indicate how the player should move, it is not part of the board
  • Normal go to the middle 方, catch fish, become owl
    • Bring back to nest get 2 points
    • Owl try go back to the original side
  • Owl caught normal: Normal ones are gone forever 
  • Owl caught owl: does not do anything
  • Normal caught owl: owl being downgrade
    • Get 1 point for catching owl, become owl
    • Get 2 points when bring it back 
  • Normal caught normal: share space

Tech Update

A stimulation has been made for Liubo. Right now the functions allow dropping a piece on any part of the board and it will automatically go to the closest red spot because that’s the correct location for the piece to be on.

Art Update

This is our model of Liubo pieces Maya’s Substances Painter

Model of Liubo Pieces

Below is the references of the pieces