Dev Blog: Week 4

Current Schedule

We had a play test on one of the version of Liubo on Tuesday Feb 7. We made another two versions and playtested on Friday Feb 10. We will start to implement during the weekend and prepare for halfs.

Project Summary

Our different versions of Liubo share some mechanisms in common and we will starting to develop based on the shared mechanisms.

What Went Well

The play test we had this week all went very well. It takes about 15 minutes for each round. The game feels very balanced and player got similar scores. We went to the Tuesday night playtest at CMU hunt library. And we also had some playtest among ourselves.

Issues For Support

We need to decide if we want to make physical versions and what we want to order to do so.

Prototype Update

We decided that the circles on the board are nests that the owl will bring the fish to.

The green line in the below image indicating that path is only for owls and only owls are allowed to enter. This part is different from the Week 3 prototype which any pieces can go there. Also in Week 4 prototype, pieces are allowed to move in any directions in while Week 3 prototype, pieces are only allowed to move in one direction. This gives player more freedom and increases the strategy of the game.

Week 4 Board

Art Update

The model of the board is complete.

Below is the reference of the board

Hebei, Warring State Period, 475 BC