Dev Blog: Week 5

Current Schedule

  • Playtested 5 groups on Wednesday Feb 15
  • Playtested 5 groups on Friday Feb 17
  • Integrated another version of the game on Friday Feb 17

Project Summary

We had a more complete version of the game and we had several playtest. We iterate another version which we will use it for the halves presentation. Programming wise we had all the nodes implemented and connected. Art assets of the board have completed and will work on the environment.

What Went Well

Playtesting feedback suggested that the game is mostly balanced. The player who went first didn’t have advantages compared to player who went second.

Issues For Support

Playtesters having hard times understanding the rules by reading them

Prototype Update

We made an English version of the game board which is easier for playtesters to understand. The notes of playtest can be found here.

Programming Update

This is a demo of using animation for throwing sticks. . Throwing trajectory is premade animation. Camera movement are used to hide the transition from real physics to animation.

For our 2D version of the game, once a player roll the dices , then player can select the number of movement and choose which piece they want to move. The green dots then show up on the board and indicating where the piece can go.

Art Update

This is what the board and pieces will look like in the game. The books and scrolls are placeholder assets