Dev Blog: Week 6

Current Schedule

  • Had to playtest with faculty on Wednesday
  • Finish the rules for the game
  • Start to implement the rules in Unity
  • Start to combine art assets with the movements scripts in Unity
  • Prepare for 1/4 presentation

Project Summary

This week’s prototype is our final version of the game. We made some small changes to the rules compare to Week 5 rule. Programming part, basic movement and scoring are finished. And we decided that we will not make physical version of the game.

What Went Well

We have implemented the basic game play in Unity. We also started to convert the 2D version of the game into 3D with the art assets we had. We will start to work on tutorials next week.

Issues For Support

Right now in the digital version, normal piece can only become owl when it land on the center. However, we need it to become owl then it passes by the center. The data structure are hard to change so we need to figure out how to do so.

We need to decide how to visualize throwing sticks in the game. If we use animation, then we need to make several different ones in order for it not to look the same. If we use real physics there’s a chance that player throw the sticks out of sight or the collider of the sticks cause problems.

Prototype Update

This is the updated rules for the pieces. There are several difference between Week 6 and Week 5 prototype.

  • Owls have to drop the fish at the opponent’s side of the nest. This increases the challenges of the game and create more opportunity for rivalry between the player.
  • Owls can not enter their own side of the board
  • Owl can only be captured by 2 opponent’s owl. This is to prevent the owls becoming too powerful.

Programming Update

This is a demo of using real physics for throwing sticks. . For this fully physic-simulated shaking, the problem is that ticks can penetrate the colliders.

For our 2D version of the game, the scoring rules and turning into an owl are implemented. The picture below indicating 2 normal white pieces capture a normal black piece. The black piece were sent back and player 1 score 1 points.

Art Update

This is the updated art assets that will be placed in the environment.

The sticks and bowls are based on historical findings.

Below is the reference of the bowl.

Jiangxi, Han, 96 BCE