Dev Blog: Week 7

Current Schedule

  • Prepare for 1/2 presentation
  • Fix bugs in programming

Project Summary

This week we had our 1/2 presentation and we will make changes to our design based on the feedback of 1/2. Programming wise we are fixing the bugs that caused by changing the game from 2D to 3D.

What Went Well

We have fixed some of the bugs we found in the 3D version. We are also doing some testing to find out more bugs in the 3D version.

Issues For Support

Need to know feedback of midterms from faculty

Programming Update

Below are the list of bugs being fixed this week

  • Get Index of anchor
  • Orientation of pieces
  • Rotate when turning to owl
  • Rotate back when change back to normal
  • Fly through to become owl
  • 2 pieces can not move togeter

Art Update

This is a stimulation of throwing sticks using Houdini.

With starting force