Dev Blog: Week 8

Current Schedule

  • Keep debugging
  • Work on tutorials
  • Work animation of the sticks
  • Playtest with our faculty consultant professor Scott

Project Summary

This week we hade some update on the tutorial. We had a basic plan for tutorial and have shown to our faculty consultant.

What Went Well

We have different versions of throwing sticks animation, we will decide which one to use in the later stage of development.

Issues For Support

The throwing sticks animation transition to pre-rendered results does not look natural.

Tutorial Update

The design of the tutorial consists of 6 parts

  • Part 1 (Non-Interactive): Welcome and introduction
    • “Welcome to Liubo!”
    • The theme and basic goal
  • Part 2 (Training Game 1): training board, no capturing or blocking, and it will introduce
    • The board
    • Sticks
    • Entering pieces
    • Movement
    • You can always enter new pieces
    • Becoming an Owl
    • Returning to nest
    • Winning the game
  • Part 3 (Training Game 2): Hybrid board, capturing, no blocking
    • Beyond the basics
    • Owls capturing normal pieces
    • Normal pieces capturing Owls
    • Captured pieces can be entered again next turn
    • Normal pieces capturing normal pieces
    • Owls capturing Owls
    • Sharing space in the pond
  • Part 4 (Training Game 3): Hybrid Board, full rules
  • Part 5 (Non-Interactive): Thank you
  • Part 6 (Optional Individual Scenarios): Strategy

Programming & Art Update

This week’s update about the throwing sticks are shown below. It has multiple pre-rendered results with
single throwing animation.