Testing Fluorescent Paint

We got this Fluorescent paint from TechnoGlow and we are still exploring how we can use this in this project. The problem with this paint is that the paint is very sensitive over UV lights. So it will be difficult to light it.


New Sets of Graphics

We also created new sets of responsive graphics such as the one below:


Halves Slides

We also finished our Halves Slides after several iterations.


Projector Mount

Dave helped us and made a Projector Mount which helps elevates the projector to the ceiling. This will help reduce the shadow of the dancers, but the bad side of this mount is that the dancer’s leg projection might get cut when they get closer to the projector.


Custom Made Body Segment

This shows the journey we had so far with Body Segment. The last one (the one at the bottom right), is the current body segment which our programmers wrote. It has a very good performance in both latency as well as accuracy. With this segment, our ultimate latency is less than 60ms.
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