Shicai He

Co-producer, Programmer

Shicai He is a 3D generalist, programmer, and designer with an interdisciplinary background in architecture, CG art, and computer science. After 5 years of majoring in Architecture and 3 years of architecture practice he found out what really excited him was to build virtual worlds where imagination was the only limitation and to fabricate stories and emotions into the worlds.

Jeffrey (Chia-Wei) Liu

Co-producer, Game Designer

Jeffrey is a game designer and developer from Taiwan with a passion for economic systems, puzzles, and player interactions. He designs in an experience-oriented way and conveys ideas through the player experience. With bachelor’s degrees in Digital Media Art and Software Engineering received at Tsinghua University, Beijing, Jeffrey previously worked full-time in Heluo Studio, focusing on Chinese fantasy turn-based strategy games. He is currently a master’s student in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. He has recently made several XR games and board games, and he is currently interested in level and puzzle designs.

Yiming Xiao

Programmer, Game Designer, Technical Artist

Yiming Xiao is a programmer and game designer for the project. He prefers to create fun games and offer an experience without bugs for the player. He is interested in the AI art generation and how this will apply to the art pipeline of the game industry.

Tiange Zhou

Artist, UI/UX Designer

Tiange Zhou studied Marketing and minored in Interactive Digital Media & Psychology at Drexel University. She has enormous passion for learning human behavior in social issues, user experience & interaction since her sophomore year in college.
She specializes in UI/UX design & research, interaction design, and digital marketing.


Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens has extensive experience in the areas of games, and augmented and virtual reality for
education.  He began his career at CMU in 1987 when he and his research team created the world’s first
digital video, a virtual reality learning system that allowed users to carry on conversations with simulated
Scott received his B.S. and M.S.Ed. degrees in physics from Northern Illinois University and his Ph.D.
from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has spoken internationally on computer science and
artificial intelligence’s impact on education and interactive entertainment and has written over one
hundred professional papers, talks, and book chapters.