Week 10: Sprint Week


This week the whole team is working in sprint aiming to have our new complete build. At the end of the week, we still had around 25% of the unfinished work, but we were almost there.

We met with our project consultant Jonathan this week to discuss everything about our project and Jonathan gave us some good ideas and advice on making the game levels look polished.

Game Development:


  • Cursors: Our artist made three cursor sprites mapping to the three states of mouse interaction: idle, hover and dragging to help make the card dragging more intuitive.
  • Compile button: Our compile button has a new look and has different visuals in different states
  • Puzzle transition death scene – you fainted
  • Various sprite updates and enhancement


  • 4 middle levels for players to understand the game mechanism
  • Dialogue for instruction


  • We assigned tasks according to our latest sprint goal


  • Dialogue system
  • Card interactions: Sound, animation, visual update
  • 3 new levels


  • Our game now has background music and more SFX for different game interactions now.

Talk with Project Consultant

We had a talk with our project consultant Jonathan and Jonathan gave us advice on the navigation of the gameplay, and some art references to make our game more appealing too.

Sprite sheet from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, which shows how art assets help establish a sense of grid space.

Next Steps

Our plans for next week will be:

  • Tuesday Hunt library playtest
  • Thursday Highlands high school playtest
  • Polishment and bug fix based on the result
  • Start working on the Network/Leaderboard feature