Week 11: A Solid Milestone


This week is a very fulfilling and fruitful week for us. We finished a major build with tons of updates on Tuesday and then playtested it with High school students in Highlands High School.

It wasn’t a perfect build since we can see plenty of bugs during the playtesting but it was really exciting to observe that the kids get engaged in the game and would love to play more. We also have a playtester who finished all the levels we prepared but didn’t have any computer science knowledge.

Our clients also played the game and gave us overall pretty positive feedback.

Development: A Major Build Update:

Update List:

  • Remake of old levels: We have updated all levels with a consistent art style and more intuitive interactions.
  • Newly added level: More in-between levels were added to smoothen the learning and interest curve of the game. Some challenging levels were also added for more experienced players.
  • Sound/Implementation: More SFX were added for different types of interactions with a newly-put BGM.
  • Enhanced UI system: interactable cards now have animations when hovering
  • Bug fix:
    • Fix a bug that when the player drags too fast the card will fall back
    • Fix a bug that colliders are not registered correctly
    • Fix a bug that payloads are not loaded correctly
    • other minor bug fix

Current Levels Overview

Below is an overview of all the levels we have for this build.

We have 12 levels covering topics from reverse engineering to binary exploitation.

Playtest in Highlands High School:


Due to some schedule collision, only one of our team members went to the playtest workshop on Thursday.

For the playtest, we made pre-play and post-play surveys to measure how playtesters felt about the topic before and after playing our game.


Due to a lack of personnel, we ran the playtesting in a parallel mode and cannot record the detail of every player. But it was noticeable that all the students were engaging and enjoying the game. One of the students asked: “Will you come tomorrow?”, which we take as a compliment. And we also have a 12th-grade student who didn’t have any computer science knowledge and managed to finish all the levels.

Next Steps

Our plans for next will be:

  • Keep working on the networking and leaderboard features
  • A Json interpreter so that client can modify the content shown to the player on loading UI.
  • A skin system
  • Stretch goal: stack canary mechanism