Week 9: Reflection and Reimagination


After last week’s crunching schedule, this week we have time to slow down a little bit on the development process while focusing on collecting the data we received so far and thinking about how should we adjust our direction and refine the final product.

That being said, the development process was not stopped. A complete version of the story was finished, more art assets were created and improvements on levels were done.

Playtest Data:

We talked about the feedback to Scott during our weekly routine meeting. Scott thinks they look promising and are what we’re looking for.

Game Development:


  • Cutscene UI
  • Compile button
  • Light bulb revision
  • Explosion animation


  • Story Outline
  • Level modification according to playtest feedback


  • We aggregated a list of TODO tasks after a thorough walkthrough.


  • Bug fix.

Next Steps

Our plans for next will be:

  • Making a major build next week including bug fix and features adding.