Week12: Thanksgiving


This week is Thanksgiving and we only 2 work days. Even though, we managed to finish an essential feature: a customizable decoration system to motivate the players, and 2 ramp-up levels to add the exciting moment of the game.

Development: A Deco-your-mochi System

The selection UI

Our artist was very passionate about the skin system in the beginning and we decided to incorporate this with both our story and the competitive nature of picoCTF.

After the player finishes the game, the little Mochi will ask the player to decorate them as a thank you and also a gift. Then the decorated Mochi will show up on the leaderboard, demonstrating the uniqueness and creativity of the players and also motiving other players to finish all the levels to have their own Mochi decorations.

New Levels

We have added 2 new levels which are a bit more challenging to the players compared to some in-between levels.

Trailer Video

Next Steps

Our plans for next week will be:

  • Network Feature
  • Skin system integration
  • Polish dialogue system
  • Adjust cryptic symbol
  • Final level
  • Leaderboard Graphics
  • Easter egg