Week13: SoftOpening, Polish, and Refine


It has been a very busy week for us. After getting back from the holiday, we made a lot of effort to prepare for the soft-opening week. Besides numerous updates and polishing on game details, multiple levels that combined different mechanisms were also added to the current build.

For the soft opening, we got some really great feedback from the professors.

Development: A Major Build Update:

Update List:

  • Refinement of old levels: All levels’ art assets get an upgrade which has more details and is more informative. Some objects have special compiling success animations now.
  • Newly added level: More in-between levels were added to smoothen the learning and interest curve of the game. Some challenging levels were also added for more experienced players.
  • Sound/SFX: More SFX were added for different types of interactions with a new BGM designed by Tiange.
  • A hidden eastern egg room is added to the game.
  • Enhanced UI system:
    • Different types of cards now have corresponding sprites
    • The player can double-click to move the card to storage panels
    • Pause menu, credit page, and redesigned loading page
    • Leaderboard
  • Bug fix:
    • Objects now will not overlap with the players or have collision issues after resizing
    • other minor bug fixes

Current Levels Overview

Below is an overview of all the levels we have for this build including the major UI pages.

Soft Opening:


We invited Mike and Jonathan to play our game and here are excerpts of their feedback:

  • I *LOVE* the puzzles and how they do relate to hacking and computational thinking – well done! 
  • You may want to adjust that second problem to let me know that I can use storage, and break systems (so I see rainbow) and not have to worry about fixing it to succeed.
  • Clever puzzles – nice!  Abandoned my complex solution guess and am now past Level 7 without the need for a hint.

Next Steps

Our plans for next will be:

  • A boss level
  • A final test of the networking features
  • Stretch goal: stack canary mechanism