Week14: The boss fight


Week 14 is our final production week. We managed to add some core features to the game as we were preparing our final presentation. Also, we were having the ETC festival on Friday this week. Our project room had visitors much more than we expected and the game was very well received.


Update List:

  • Consistency of UI style: The credit page, pause page, and loading page were updated to have a coherent style.
  • Newly added level: A brand-new and very challenging boss fight level was added to the game.
  • Network Features: The game now has a version that will be hosted on the picoCTF server and can save and load data from the server.
  • Bug fix:
    • minor bug fixes

ETC Festival:


Our client also joined the festival and stayed in our project room for most of the time. Later that night he sent some pictures of the project room and some comments quotes as:

bug feature report: game is too addictive”

Next Steps

Our plans for next will be:

  • Final Presentation
  • Publish the game