Week 5- Meet-up

Sept 25th, 2023 – October 1st, 2023 Production This week we welcomed our clients Laurie and Diane to the ETC. It was a great opportunity to have them playtest the beginning stages of our game and to have the chance to finally meet in person. Design During our in person meeting we also had the … Read more

Week 4 – Building Underwater World 1.0 After Quaters

Sept 18, 2023 – Sept 22, 2023 Summary It’s been a busy yet fulfilling week. Following an extensive period of brainstorming and design work, we ave ultimately formulated a robust comcept for our project. We have constructed an underwater world(White Box Ver.) for our game, and the final demo is showcased at the conclusion of … Read more

Week 3- Quarters

Sept 11, 2023 – Sept 17, 2023 This week our team was focused on preparing for our quarters presentation. Quarters is a great opportunity to present our game idea to the faculty and get some much welcomed feedback and suggestions.  Production Instead of using Jira as our project management tool, we switch to Monday since … Read more

Week 2- Background Research

September 4th, 2023 – Sept 10th, 2023 This week we really focused on setting up project pipelines, background research into games relating to our topic, what has been done or where can be draw inspiration.  Production We have established our project pipeline, so our designers, artist and programmers can work together efficiently. This helps us … Read more

Week1 – Welcome to the Terratopia

 August 28th, 2023 – September 3rd, 2023 We are very excited to start the semester and work on the Animals and Climate Change project. It’s been three months since we’ve seen each other and we are really looking forward to getting back together to work on this game. We are a team of 5, along … Read more