Week 4 – Building Underwater World 1.0 After Quaters

Sept 18, 2023 – Sept 22, 2023


It’s been a busy yet fulfilling week. Following an extensive period of brainstorming and design work, we ave ultimately formulated a robust comcept for our project. We have constructed an underwater world(White Box Ver.) for our game, and the final demo is showcased at the conclusion of this blog.


We broke down the work shows in the main design documentations into parts and set part of the work to our week using Monday.  

We use google sheets to track the art assets.


We have completed the white-box level design construction of our primary scene, encompassing all the components slated for development.

All placeholder white boxes will be replaced with finalized assets as soon as our artist have completed. The description of each placeholder white boxes will be stored in our White-Box Design Summary.


We have finished the cute dolphin modeling, as well as the mangrove roots, seagrass, and the bubble.


We are done with the complete pipeline of packaging our work to an apk file and make it run in the VR headset.

Player locomotion has been incorporated, enabling players to move both forward and backward based on the facing direction.

Demo for this week