Week 6- High Level Purpose

October 2nd, 2023 – October 8th, 2023


This week we met with Elaine Fath from the Center for Transformational Play at CMU. We met with her before at the transformational framework workshop, so this was an opportunity for us to dive deeper into our team’s goals. In order to achieve our goals she said that we must first make the player care and with that in mind we narrowed down our high level purpose, which is listed below. This will help guide us throughout our development process and ensure that we always stay focused on our goal.

In our game, adults and highschoolers will go from a lack of awareness of climate change impact on animals to a greater awareness of its effects in order to create deep empathy and understanding of interconnectedness to help motivate them to learn how to take action.


This week we refined the whole map, to make it more reasonable that the dolphin will come from the open ocean, and swim into the mangrove shore and then swim out to the open ocean again.

Since we are talking about climate change, we also removed the obstacles that are related to human activities, and use red tide as obstacles instead.


This week, we finalized the fish model and experimented with iliad.ai to generate some procedural tileable textures for the environment.


This week, we finished the fish AI, including randomly swimming, swimming away when the player approaches and being eaten by the player.

We also built scene 2 in different difficulty levels, due to how much time the player spent in this scene, and how much time we expected them to spend.