Week 8- Echolocation

October 23rd, 2023 – October 29th, 2023


This week we reviewed our feedback from halves and made a schedule and plan for the second half of the semester. Overall our feedback from halves was positive, but the biggest concern was our scope. We worked as a team to narrow down what will need to be done so that we can properly test the core features and we have set some big goals to reach before Playtest Day on November 4th. We also received the Quest 3, so we are really excited to utilize the upgraded technology to help us refine our experience.


This week, we divided the map into three distinct sections: the good environment, the time warp, and the bad environment. This approach will alleviate the hardware’s processing load.

We also updated the time warp game flow. Given that we now have new equipment with improved processing capabilities, we’ve opted to execute the time warp within the actual scene rather than playing a video. This approach will enhance player immersion and provide a superior performance.

We also finalized the detailed echolocation design document. When the player presses the echolocation button, a ripple visual effect will appear. If the echolocation detects fish or obstacles, they will be outlined to indicate their location.

According to our estimated timeline, we have also made improvements to our Phase 2 level design and added more art assets into the level.


This week we finalized all aspects of the fish that the dolphin will eat for food (model, texture, rig, and animations). The fish was based off of a species of snapper called a “Schoolmaster”, which is often found in mangrove environments in Sarasota, Florida and is eaten by bottlenose dolphins.

This is the rig we created for animating the fish.


This week we are halfway through our echolocation development.

The range of echolocation is shown in a cone, but we will replace it with a ripple next week.

If the fish is detected, the text will show on the screen.

While there’s no fish in front of the player, the range of the echolocation will shows without the text.

We have Initiate the time warp tunnel scene

We have updated the algorithm for the moving obstacles for level design.

Gamemode for the Main level has been updated.

Made a trigger blueprint to optimize the gameplay.

Made a trigger blueprint to load different scenes.

Several Bugs have been fixed.