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Summery: This week we made the final tutorial video for quest and documentation giving to our client. Also, because our final presentation is April 29th… Read More »Week15

Week 14

Summery: We got feedback from soft opening that we need to make the documentation for our client, so we made the brief structure of it… Read More »Week 14


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Summary: We solved several bugs during the playtest and visited Dragon’s Den on Wednesday. Additionally, we made adjustments to the texture of the dragon, and… Read More »Week13

Week 12

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Summary: We’ve updated the environment assets and adjusted the sound based on feedback from our programmer. Additionally, we conducted a playtest at ETC on Saturday,… Read More »Week 12


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This week’s update: We finished our detailed storyboard and made asset adjustments based on feedback from our instructor, Ricardo.The initial version of narritive sound is… Read More »Week11

Week 10

Our team went to GDC, and took a week break

Week 9

Summery:Playtest,Playtest,Playtest. Tuesday Playtest Night Feedback:Animation blending & should be more smoothExperience process: dragon flies through passthrough wall, so part of him disappears at the end;… Read More »Week 9

Week 8

Summary: Despite it being Spring break, we took turns working to compensate for the time away at GDC. We visited Dragon’s Den and developed a… Read More »Week 8

Week 7

Summary: We completed our half presentation and then held a meeting with our instructor to discuss our game play design. Following this, we had two… Read More »Week 7

Week 6

Summery:We were preparing for Presentation the whole week. Design finalizationWe participated in the design course and figures out the lore of the experience.We finalized it… Read More »Week 6