Continuing from last week’s work, our main task for this week is to put all of our scattered updates together in an animatics that could completely replace the one we got from Half. We had more updates for our animation and we were working on putting them into the old version animatics to get shots updated.

We successfully rendered out the latest animatics on Wednesday. The next step was to make changes and keep updating the animatics based on the feedback gathered from instructors. Our next goal was to make another updated version by Friday.

Latest Animatics that Completely Replaced the Version After Half

While putting together the animatics, we also made progress on various art assets. Here are some updates we made:

Lighting and Lab Layout
Updated Plant Animation, Crawling and Growing
New Asset for the Axe, Past Time (Left) and Current Time (Right)
Different Layers of Textures to Create the Feeling of Liquid
Bubble Effects for Liquids in the Containers

For Friday, we got some of the ending scene changed and added a couple scenes for storytelling purpose. After having a quick edit of the new ending and remapping the audio to it, the new ending was uploaded for comments on ShotGrid.

Next week will be a shorter week due to the Carnival break, but we will try our best to do as much of the work as possible in order to prepare for Soft Opening.

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