Week 12 is a short week due to Carnival, and half of our team members went on the east coast trip of ETC. However, we still made progress toward finishing the piece and preparing for the coming Soft Opening.

We added in and remapped the new ending completed last week to create a new Animatics video on Tuesday.

Latest Animatics

As always, we were preparing for updating more content in the next Animatics, which should be rendered this Sunday.

Plant Growing Animation in the Container
Plant Animation of the Strangling Scene

Since we have the voiceovers added, we can fix the period for scenes that had characters talking or screaming. Our artists were working on adding and polishing animations of both characters.

Animation of Ozzie Picking Up Axe
Updates on Animations for Both Characters
Effects of the Central Container

At the end of the week, new music and sound effects were added and all the audio was put into the digital audio workstation for a final mix.

Final Mix of All the Audio Components

Next week is Soft Opening week, and we should have another up-to-date version of our animation to show to the faculty.

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