Week 9 is GDC week, so most of the production process was paused during it. Nevertheless, We made some progress on audio-related assets.

Shot Sequence of Our Previous Animatics

By the beginning of this week, all the previous sound effects were mapped to the correct timing of the latest animatics. With helps from our instructor, we got a shot list based on the current animatics and all the voiceover texts. We found voice actors and had recording sessions for Monday and Wednesday and got all the needed voiceovers.

Matching SFXs with Latest Animatics
Recorded Voice Overs

We also reworked the background music based on the music for the first finished shot. Now the music should be more about creating atmosphere, without having a clear motif and taking much of the audience’s attention.

According to the instructor’s suggestion, we started by getting the music for the beginning and ending done and use these as guidance for the rest parts.

Beginning and Ending Almost Finished

In the future, once the length of each shot is fixed and all the sound effects are put in place, we should put everything together and have a final mixed version of sound effects and background music.

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