For this week, we began to work for 1/2, and our goal was to completely finish at least one scene by the end of week six. We chose to work on the opening scene because it is an important scene that let the audiences see both the inside and the outside of the lab.

Our artist worked on making complete textured assets that are reusable throughout the animation. Since the view will be jumping back and forth in time in the story, we need to prepare different textures for assets in the scene. Chronologically speaking, things in the lab should look new and clean before the destruction of the lab and should look rusty, dirty, or broken after the catastrophe.

Assets with Different Textures

The outside structure of the lab was finished, and we are working on adding proper animations for the opening and closing of the shell. Based on our original design, the outside shell of the lab should open and close like a flower blossom.

Outside Structure of the Lab
Look From Inside

The lab as a whole should have different environments before and after the destruction too. We were currently working on putting the outside environment and the lab together.

Outside Environment After the Destruction of the Lab
Shadow of the Environment Casts on the Scientist’s Position

We also made our decision on the time of the story. The incident should happen in about 3 months and scientists were doing research and cultivating the plant for the majority of the time. The plant shows abnormal aggressiveness in the last week and finally broke out from the chamber on the last day. The opening scene should be about 3 years after the rampage of the plant, so the corpse of the characters should be fairly decomposed.

Vines and Skeleton and in the Opening Scene
Preview Image of the First Scene

In addition to these, we also finished designing our half sheet.

Front Page
Different Iterations of Back Page
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