Our character artist worked on the character model for this week, and the model for Scientist A is ready. We will be working on the detailed texture of this model and start working on the second character model.

Model of Our Character A
Facial Details

We also made progress making sound assets using the previous animatics as the reference. The ambiance sounds and other SFXs for the first two scenes are mostly done. We still need to add necessary post-process effects for some of the SFXs to give audiences the correct spatial information.

Environmental Sounds and other Sound Effects

After getting SFXs in place with the video, the animatics was put into DAW for creating the music accompaniment. Background music for the opening scene and the vertical long shot on the central lab chamber are ready. The music started relatively quiet and slow and gradually moved to a loud and emotionally strong stage, matching things that happened in the story.

Experiments on Background Music Over the Animatics

In addition, we continued texturing previously made assets and adding more details in both the interior and the exterior of the lab.

Below is the texture of the central platform in the middle of the lab. Based on our design, the outside frame is made of metal and the platform itself is made of glass, so people can see through the platform while standing on it. Scientists in the lab can climb up and down the platform through the ladder on the side.

Detailed Texture of the Central Platform

The platform should look like it has been used frequently since it is the main place for scientists to stand on and observe the plants while working. We used a metallic texture with slight abrasion for the outside frame and created a transparent glass texture with dust and footmarks for the glass platform.

Textured Model

We also made progress on polishing and finishing the model of the destroyed lab. In the opening scene, the plant is really overgrown and completely breached out from the lab building. The main branches and roots of the plant should sprawl on the structures of the building.

Detailed Model of the Lab After the Incident
With the Shadow
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