All of our artists made progress during week 6 in preparation for finishing a complete scene to be shown on Half Presentation. Having a complete animatic for everyone to track the progress became urgent at this point of the semester. Our goal is to have a 3-minute animatic by next week so that we can showcase it at Half.

Model of Inside Structures of the Lab
Outside Structures and Environments
The Plant and the Scientist’s Body
Central Container of the Lab, Occupied by the Plant

Besides updating art assets, our artists also started working on camera and cinematics. We asked for feedback from our instructors closely because we did not completely follow the camera design in the pre-production package, and we will have to test out if these new shots work or not.

Detailed Floor Plan Used For Designing Camera Angle

We also finished placing the models into the correct locations in some of the shots that have characters. We will be working on adding animations and textures to these characters.

Ozzie and Mel Talking to Their Boss About the Plant’s Anomaly
Mel Reporting the Dangerous Situation

Next week we will have our Half Presentation. We want to finish our first whole animatics earlier next week and then move to preparing our slides and having rehearsals so that the presentation can go smoothly.

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