After spring break, we got the latest version of animatics from our instructor at the beginning of week 8. This animatic was put together based on the original pre-production document and used many shots from the animatics we put together for half presentation.

Our Latest Animatics with Art From Pre-production Package

We will use this version as the base from now on and we will keep updating the animatics using the latest renders. Some shots are currently being placeholders, we will need to ask for other’s opinions and figure out shots that are going to change.

Our artists continue to work on modeling environments, plants, and characters. We need to start putting everything into one project and keep replacing parts in the animatics.

New Plant Model
Putting Separate Assets into One Scene

Our artists had also made progress in polishing parts of the central platform inside the lab. Detailed textures were added to them to create a believable environment inside the lab.

Detailed Hard Surface of Metal Lab Components

Other than the metallic surfaces, we also made progress on other decorative textures for different surfaces in the lab.

Detailed Decorative Textures

Next week is GDC week, so most of the team will not be able to spend a lot of time working. We plan to update the previous animatics as soon as the team was back in week 10.

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