Week 10

This week, we worked on making refinements on the grave digging and body assembling process based on the feedback from Playtest Day. Also, we decided to add some new features to enable a better experience.


Decided that when the player is caught by the guard, the player will not be sent back to the lab. Instead, a grave of the player (Igor) will be generated at a random position in the map, and the player needs to find that grave and dig his own body out.

All the items obtained before the player’s death will be lost and also need to be dug out along with Igor’s body.


  • During Playtest Day, we have found that players would be caught by the guard easily before they started exploring the cemetery. Therefore, we changed the spawn time of the guard. The guard will be spawned in the map after 30 seconds when the player is in the map. So there will be more time for the player to react to the guard.
  • Changed player’s starting position because the player will easily lose their way when spawning at an unknown location on the map.
  • Implemented barks while digging graves.


  • Made signs/indicators for hiding, exit and digging.
  • Changed the guard sprite to the ghost sprite.
  • Started working on adding visual feedback for connecting body parts.
  • Got rid of the background body outline on the table in the background of the lab.
  • Added a grave model of Igor’s grave.


  • Created background music for different sections of the game.


  • Scheduled playtest event at Playtest Night.
  • Ordered props for the alternative controller.

Plans for next week

  • Implement alt controller and navigation function on touch screen.
  • Record voiceover for Dr. Frankenstein and Igor with voice actors.
  • More emotes of Dr. Frankenstein and Igor.
  • Made props for the touch frame.