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  • Week 14

    Week 14

    This week, we presented our project in the ETC Festival. Installation of the game Completed setting up the space of our project for the festival. Programming Final bug fix and tests. Production Plans for next week Rehearse for final presentation on Tuesday.

  • Week 12

    Week 12

    This week, we kept working on building the special controller for the cemetery gameplay. We have set up the miniature of the cemetery scene with the touch frame, and with tests, the miniature of the cemetery works with the digital game. Though we had Thanksgiving Holiday this week, we still prepared for Soft Opening next…

  • Week 11

    Week 11

    This week, we focused on building the alternative controller and took part in the Playtest Night. With discussion both in team and with faculty, we finally decided on the experience we are going to build for our game. Playtest Night We asked a few playtesters to playtest our game, and have received much feedback. Playtest…

  • Week 10

    Week 10

    This week, we worked on making refinements on the grave digging and body assembling process based on the feedback from Playtest Day. Also, we decided to add some new features to enable a better experience. Design Decided that when the player is caught by the guard, the player will not be sent back to the…

  • Week 9

    Week 9

    In anticipation of the playtest day, we have incorporated a myriad of enhancements into the engine and updated the game to its latest version. We enabled the game to be played on a touchscreen that would best simulate the experience of using a touch frame because it was still under development. During the playtest day,…

  • Week 8

    Week 8

    After halves, we kept moving on with our plans of designing alternative controllers. With feedback from halves, we were also planning to change some design to enable our game to fit the ETC festival more. Also, playtests took place this week, and we were glad to have some of the high school students playtest our…

  • Week 7

    Week 7

    This week, we have finished a whole game flow of the first night in game, and we prepared for the 1/2s Presentations on Friday. Demo We have completed one full loop for the prototype, which  includes intro, getting requests from Dr. Frankenstein, digging graves in the first area of the cemetery, getting back to the…

  • Week 6

    Week 6

    This week, we kept working on completing the whole flow of the game, including implementing the 2.5D map and the dialogue system. Moreover, we joined the AIU1 Innovation Showcase and introduced our project. Since the 1/2s presentation is getting closer and closer, we start to prepare our presentation for next Friday. AIU1 Innovation Showcase This…

  • Week 5

    Week 5

    This week, we have made a demo for our game, and held a playtest event to test on our prototype. From the feedback of the playtest, we have made some decisions on iterating on our game ideas. Design Playtest We held a playtest event and received feedback on both the fixed map and random generated…

  • Week 4

    Week 4

    This week, we have decided on our game mechanisms and started making prototypes for our game. While some of us made a paper prototype and carried out a playtest with naive guests, the rest of our team focused on developing a digital prototype and made progress on demos for our game. Game Design We narrowed…