Week 11

This week, we focused on building the alternative controller and took part in the Playtest Night. With discussion both in team and with faculty, we finally decided on the experience we are going to build for our game.

Playtest Night

We asked a few playtesters to playtest our game, and have received much feedback. Playtest notes were scribed during playtesting. From the feedback, we found that when players started to assemble bodies, they were trying to assemble a full body instead of creating a monster. However, we would like to encourage the players to be creative so we decided to add some bodies that have already been assembled at the start scene.


Testing with the touch frame, we have found that multiple touching on the touch frame is not as accurate as we supposed it to be, which could be a challenge for the body assembly gameplay. After discussion, we have decided to use the touch frame for grave exploration, and change the body assembly to an experience instead of playing it on the screen.

Initial Test for Grave Digging Gameplay


  • Debugged  for our game, and prepared a build for Playtest Night.


  • Created Igor ghost sprite.
  • Created new emotes for Dr. Frankenstein.


Voiceover of Igor and Dr. Frankenstein for our game.


  • Prepared for the playtest event at Playtest Night.
  • Ordered props for the alternative controller.

Plans for next week

  • Prepare for the Soft Opening.
  • Build the final version of the game.