Week 2

This week, we kept working on pitching game ideas, and decided on the game idea we preferred. While documenting and brownboxing our game ideas, we also start prototyping in Unity.

Core Hour


Weekly Project Meeting

Weekly Meeting with instructors: Every Monday at 3pm

Game Design

Game Pitch Ideas Vote

Each team member introduced our own game pitch idea, discussed gameplay and mechanics, and raised questions for each idea.

Game Pitch Ideas

Game Design Documentation

After the vote, we decided on the idea of making a grave digging game. We documented a detailed game design document of our ideas, which includes gameplay, controller, historical research, and art etc.

A sneak peek into this GDD – 1
A sneak peek into this GDD – 2
Historical Research


While a basic prototyping is still on the way, we did brownboxing (experience the gameplay by using actual props). Filming the process of how we play the game, we got much feedback on how the gameplay felt, and made new iterations based on existing experience.


  • Researched on art references for possible art styles
  • Logo/Poster Draft


  • Made a prototype for demo in Unity
  • Built programs for time counting-down mechanics
  • Worked on connecting the vive tracker with the gameplay


  • Built the website
  • Wrote website weekly blog
  • Prepared for weekly meeting

Plans for next week:

  • Need to prepare for ¼ walkaround
  • Come up with more possible game pitch ideas based on grave digging
  • Polish logo and poster drafts
  • Enable to use vive tracker for the gameplay


  • Need to figure out how to track multiple vive trackers
  • Need to develop solid game design ideas and game mechanics