Week 3

This week, we came up with more ideas and brownboxing those ideas. Having ¼ walkaround at the end of the week, we received a lot of feedback from the faculty. Based on the feedback, we’ll keep iterating on our existing ideas, and start prototyping on our interactive concept.

Game Design

New game pitch ideas

  • Pacman Grave Digging Game

A digging and hiding co-op game. One player is in first person to dig bodies. While the player doesn’t know where the guard is, the other player, who has a top down view in the game, can tell the player where to go and if the guard is coming.

  • Coffin Boat Ride

A co-op survival game. Two players sit on a coffin boat, facing each other. One player controls the direction of the boat, while the other player uses tools to hit the monsters and fix the leaking coffin boat. The players cannot see the things behind them, so they need the other player to tell them which direction the boat should go or which direction the monsters are approaching.

Postal boards for game pitch ideas

For the walkaround, we created 3 postal boards for each of the game pitch ideas we had chosen from our existing game ideas. These include the Verbs in games, Platform we might want to use, storyboard and equipment settings.


We also recorded a video for brownboxing Coffin Boat Ride.


  • Connected vive tracker and detected position of vive tracker in Unity


  • Iterating on logo and poster
  • Drew storyboard for game ideas
  • Created postal boards for walkaround


  • Added more content to the website
  • Prepared paper materials(postal boards) and video materials for ¼ walkaround
  • Rehearsed for ¼ walkaround and asked for feedback from instructors
  • Scribed notes during the walkaround

Plans for next week

  • Based on feedback from the walkaround, iterate existing game ideas
  • Narrow down to one interactive concept
  • Start making prototypes for decided ideas


  • Need to decide on one solid game idea and start making prototypes