Week 5

This week, we have made a demo for our game, and held a playtest event to test on our prototype. From the feedback of the playtest, we have made some decisions on iterating on our game ideas.



We held a playtest event and received feedback on both the fixed map and random generated maze map. This could help us iterate on our final ideas of deciding what type of level design we should have for our game.

Prototype Playtest

Also, we decided on trying to implement unique controllers.

Level Design

For the playtest, we have created a level prototype for a fixed map, in Comparison to the generated maze.

First Fixed Map Level Design

According to our playtest feedback and discussion in the team, we decided on making a fixed but intentionally designed map as our level in the game.


Made character design for the protagonist, Igor. Start working on designing the character of Dr. Frankenstein.

Made some art assets for body assembly in game.

Body Parts Assets


Finished prototype of grave digging.

Finished prototype of body assembly.

Made a generated map environment and a fixed map environment in Unity.


  • Held a playtest for the prototype, scribe the reactions and the feedback from the playtesters.
  • Development Blog for Week 5.
  • Finished building the project website.
  • Set up plans before halves.

Plans for next week


  • Refine game design document.
  • Narrative Design: Make small dialogue between the protagonist and the doctor.
  • Level Design: Create a more intricate and enjoyable static map for the game. 


  • Finish character design.
  • Make Dr. Frankenstein’s emotes for the game.
  • Art Assets for the map.


  • Fix matching body parts in the graves with the descriptions on the gravestone.
  • Refine on matching system in body assembly part.
  • Develop enemy AI.
  • Develop a dialogue system.


  • Create a full flow of the game before halves.