Week 6

This week, we kept working on completing the whole flow of the game, including implementing the 2.5D map and the dialogue system. Moreover, we joined the AIU1 Innovation Showcase and introduced our project. Since the 1/2s presentation is getting closer and closer, we start to prepare our presentation for next Friday.

AIU1 Innovation Showcase

This Wednesday, our team was able to attend the AIU1 Innovation Showcase at West Virginia University with Anthony Palyszeski, ETC’s Outreach and Engagement Coordinator. The event hosted a variety of technology projects for education and student development. Our team got to talk to several members of the AIU1 committee, as well as teachers and educators in local public schools. We discussed the background behind our Master’s program and the process behind our project. One of the other innovation projects we witnessed was a display of a man-made beehive and the different ways in which honey and beeswax can be made. The children at the display were highly knowledgeable about a bee’s life cycle and the hive’s habits, evidently from their hands-on experience with raising the hive.

The Innovation Showcase was a great event and we had a wonderful, informative time. 


  • Refined Game Design Document.
  • Narrative Design: Created personalities of characters and designed Dr. Frankenstein’s assignments of Day 2 and Day 3.
  • Level Design: Created a more intricate and enjoyable static map for the game. 
Full Map Layout

The level in the game is a designed map mainly divided into 3 parts. The player will have access to distinct areas each night, and any previously accessible areas will remain open. The paths between different areas will be accessible on Day 2 and Day 3.


  • Made the character design for Dr. Frankenstein.
  • Make Dr. Frankenstein’s emotes for the game.
  • Created art assets for the cemetery.
Grave Stones, Bushes and Trees


  • Fixed matching body parts in the graves with the descriptions on the gravestone.
  • Refined on matching system in body assembly part.
  • Developed enemy AI.
  • Implemented a dialogue system for the Intro of the game.
  • Implemented a 2.5D map in the game.


  • Prepared for AIU1 Innovation Showcase, and made a video trailer for the showcase.
  • Development Blog for Week 6.
  • Planned for a basic structure for the halves presentation.
  • Planned for Week 7 (halves), and started working on presentation slides.

Plans for next week

  • Combine all the systems and art assets together and enable a complete flow of the game.
  • Prepare and rehearse for the halves presentation.


Get fully prepared for the halves presentation.