Week 7

This week, we have finished a whole game flow of the first night in game, and we prepared for the 1/2s Presentations on Friday.


We have completed one full loop for the prototype, which  includes intro, getting requests from Dr. Frankenstein, digging graves in the first area of the cemetery, getting back to the Lab of Dr. Frankenstein and assembling the body parts together. Finally, the player will receive feedback from Dr. Frankenstein.

When the player explores the cemetery, the player can find there is a guard patrolling the cemetery, and the player can hide in the bushes. The player can read the epitaph on the gravestone and guess what kind of body part the grave can have.

1/2s Presentations

We prepared slides and rehearsed for the presentation.

Basic Structure for Presentation

Plans After Fall Break

  • Explore and design the unique controller for the game.
  • Refine some game design and game system design.


  • Collision problem of implementing 2D art assets into 3D unity pipeline to display a 2.5D view.
  • Explore and design the unique controller for the game.