Week 8

After halves, we kept moving on with our plans of designing alternative controllers. With feedback from halves, we were also planning to change some design to enable our game to fit the ETC festival more. Also, playtests took place this week, and we were glad to have some of the high school students playtest our game and receive some feedback from them.


Designed Alt Controller

We thought of using RFID readers and tags to enable an experience of building body parts in reality. However, after talking with our consultant, we found out that a touch frame could better fit our gameplay of putting body parts together because it allows the players to move and rotate the body parts in free position and position.

Changed the number of levels from 3 to 1

Since our project is for the Festival, we thought a shorter experience could be better suitable for guests from the festival. However, considering guests might watch others playing our game, we decided to make different versions for our game. 

To be specific, though the map is fixed and remains the same, the requirements from Dr. Frankenstein can be changed, and the epitaph/the body parts of the graves will be different accordingly.


  • Designed game UI
  • Designed guard sprite
  • Worked on building the cemetery environment


  • Change the anchors of the body parts in body assembly from fixed positions to the body parts themselves.
  • Tested the possibility of using RFID readers and tags for body assembly gameplay.

Plans for next week

  • Decide on the alt controller we are planning to work on.
  • Keep working on building the cemetery environment.
  • Make more art assets and implement them in the game.
  • Prepare for the Playtest Day.


The festival is getting closer and closer, and we need to finish the game before Week 12.