Week 9

In anticipation of the playtest day, we have incorporated a myriad of enhancements into the engine and updated the game to its latest version. We enabled the game to be played on a touchscreen that would best simulate the experience of using a touch frame because it was still under development. During the playtest day, we have received a lot of feedback from the diverse group of playtesters, which helped us a lot to iterate on our game.


  • Refined the body assembly system, moving fixed anchors to each body part to enable a flexible assembling progress.
  • Implemented all epitaphs and corresponding body parts that can be obtained from the graves. 
  • Visualized detection range of the guard so the players will know they need to avoid the guard beforehand in a more easier way.
  • Add instructions to the game.


  • Drew new sprites for different types of body parts.
  • Created a lab background for the body assemble part.
  • Refined level and implemented 3D assets into the level.


  • Narrative: Refine dialogues and epitaph information which enables the players to understand in a easier way.


  • Prepared for playtest day, and final review of the build of the game.

Playtest Day

The playtest day itself proved to be a dynamic and insightful event. As playtesters engaged with our game, we documented their reactions and probed them with thoughtful questions afterward. The diverse age ranges of our playtesters gave us a variety of feedback, offering us a comprehensive understanding of how we can iterate our game in the future. This invaluable experience will be a cornerstone for further refinement of our game as we continue to shape our game for the audience.