Our client is Ken and his team from the Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute (CMU-HCII). The institute is a living laboratory where they investigate the relationship between computer technology, human activity and society.

To learn more about the HCII, take a look at their website using this link.

Ken Holstein is currently an assistant professor at CMU-HCII. His research focuses broadly on human-AI collaboration and participatory approaches in AI & ML. He draws on approaches from human–computer interaction (HCI), AI, design, cognitive science, learning sciences, statistics, and machine learning. 

Together with Ken and his team, we are working closely to try to detect better fairness in AI algorithm used in today’s world through game play.

Feel free to check out his website here.

We are also working with Motahhare Eslami  and Adam Perer among other people.