Soft Opening Hi friends. We’re on the home  stretch now. With parts 1 and 2 mostly […]
Uniting the Design Hi friends. With soft opening fast approaching, we are full speed ahead trying […]
Tutorial In Progress Hello! It’s Hannah again. I will be taking over the updates for the […]
Connecting the Parts Hi! I’m Hannah! I’ll be taking over the update this week! This week […]
Steady progress After a busy week 8 of catching up with work progress, we have found […]
Back in strong action After a good semester break of rest, we are all fully recharged […]
Halves Progress Time flies and we are already halfway through our project semester. Although it is […]
Pitching With our new idea ready to pitch, we have shared it with our client. For […]
Plan this week Given that we are taking a step back for our project last week […]
One step back… We started off our week by expanding on our more or less idea, […]