Put Together a town, Observe the creatures, Discover the moments.

  • Week 4, Sept 18, 2023

    From “Observation” to “Interaction” This week, we’re transitioning our focus from “observation” to “interaction” in response to the valuable feedback we received during the quarter critiques. These critiques highlighted several key areas for improvement: CHARACTERS ADORN TRANSITIONS USER FLOW

  • Week3, 1/4 Walkaround

    Core of system: Emotion Connection Growth Character growth, at its core, is driven by three key data points: Desire, Power, and Energy. Each character’s unique characteristics lead them to different events in various blocks. Desire fuels their journey, determining where they go and what they trigger. Power reflects the results they tend to achieve, showcasing…

  • Week 2, Sept 4, 2023

    Technology Tests We conducted tests on AR technology to verify our capability to develop a detection function within Vuforia. This function involves identifying the shape and location of a tree, and subsequently overlaying a virtual world onto the real object through a mobile phone. Characteristics, Preferences, and Event Triggers Characters in our AR world are…

  • Week 1, Hi! We are ARchiToy.

    Aug 28, 2023 Feeling the Harmony: Peace Meets Energy As we move forward with our project, we’ve been closely attuned to the emotions it evokes. This week, the prevailing sentiment seems to be a beautiful blend of peace and energy. It’s remarkable how our AR town, with its lively creatures and charming houses, manages to…

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